Many bots for many people.

Create multiple bots each with its own knowledge base. Add members to each bot to share its insights, or make it public for everyone to access. Add your own bot and get started.

Understand documents in any form.

Learn from documents provided in any format. Whether its a picture taken of a document, an uploaded file, or a public website. See a growing list of supported formats below and request additional support.

Cross-platform, mobile first.

docbot uses a simple mobile first UI to allow you to quickly add documents and ask questions on the go. No need to install anything on your device. Manage bots on web or mobile.



Use GPT-4o to ask questions of your documents the way you would ask a professional, in plain text. Add information easily and let docbot automatically summarize and catalogue it.


Easy to use chat interface. Add documents from your smartphone by uploading documents, taking pictures, or sharing websites. Ignore file formats, scanners, and parsing.


All document data and queries are encrypted in transit and at rest. Only family and friends that you share bots with can see live conversations.


docbot provides a free quota for testing and fun. Create an account and purchase premium plans within the app.

Supported Formats

To request support for a format not present, email us.


Take a photo of a document, text, or upload an existing set of photos.


Read public URLs.


Understand PDFs regardless of content formatting.

Word Documents

Supports common word document formats


Supports major slideshow format, with the ability to understand embedded images.


Currently EPUBs are supported.


Support various text formats including free form, JSON, and CSVs.